You just found out you’re pregnant and want to know your options.

The type of abortion you can get mostly depends on how many weeks you have been pregnant (gestational age).

Abortion Pill – Up to 10 Weeks

If you are 10 weeks pregnant or less, you might be considering the abortion pill.

The abortion pill is medicine that ends a pregnancy. It’s part of a procedure called a medical abortion.

Essentially, a medical abortion is a series of drugs that cause the termination of a pregnancy. Anesthesia isn’t used.

You can’t get the abortion pill over the counter. It has to be prescribed by a doctor.

The doctor will verify you are pregnant, find out how many weeks you have been pregnant, and discuss your health. The abortion pill can usually be taken up to 9 weeks into a pregnancy.

Talking with us is always confidential. Call our clinic to talk with a licensed medical professional for free about the abortion pill.

Surgical Abortion – Up to 12 Weeks

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant, surgical abortion is a type of abortion that could be available to you. Medical abortion probably wouldn’t be used.

Surgical abortion means ending a pregnancy with a procedure that’s like surgery. It requires invasive procedures and medical tools used by a doctor to end the pregnancy.

A type of surgical abortion that’s usually available up to 12 weeks is called dilation and curettage with vacuum aspiration. It’s sometimes shortened to D&C.

D&C is a surgical procedure that requires a doctor and anesthesia.

To learn more about D&C and abortion cost, give us a call. Our licensed medical professionals are here to answer your questions.

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Second Trimester Abortion Options

Abortion options for second trimester pregnancy are surgical abortion and medical abortion.